2019 Winter – dion2k5 disqualified

After today’s clanwar Limited Edition versus Sons of War, the league administration was made aware that dion2k5 was account-sharing for the map DM-Deck_test against his opponent Ag_V. With immediate effect, dion2k5 will be disqualified from the UTPL Season 1. The match in which he committed the account-sharing will be counted as a [2:0] default win for Sons of War.

dion2k5 gave a statement after the incident:

“I apologize for the account sharing and will learn from it. It will not happen again. I regret doing it. By my actions, I jeopardized my team receiving a disqualification in the UTPL. I understand that every breaking of rules will have consequences. Again, I apologize for my actions.”

Comments (7)

  1. Who was playin on his account ? There should be investigation of that – and also the player who played insted of dion should be banned (thats a must have tbh).

    2k19 and ppl doing such things – shame, iq -100.

  2. MemphiS

    WTF?!? shame…

  3. Unexpected and sad 🙁 Good that Dion realized his mistake though.

  4. Inspector Gadget

    He regrets it ONLY because he got caught.
    I mean they had the chance to think this over and followed through with it anyway KNOWING such a thing isn’t allowed knowing you can screw over the tournament for your entire team with things like this.

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