2019 Winter – The final match week

The campaign so far:

And so, it comes down to the final week of the UTProLeague (UTPL). In a highly successful first campaign, all teams can hold their heads up high as the standard of play reached new heights as the weeks flew by.

The attitude and respect of players and teams towards each other has been another feather in the cap of the Team Deathmatch (TDM) community as it continues to be welcoming to new and returning players.

Impressively, all matches have been played and streamed on Twitch, with conx5 once again demonstrating his casting talent, to provide a professional experience for viewers.


The final round:

Focusing on the league itself, the Epic Division table reveals that it is still all to play for:

epic division after week 6

Starting at the bottom of the table, two from Limited Edition, Sons of War and Half-Abs will be going into the relegation playoffs against Druckwelle and Euphoria.

With Half-Abs playing both teams, it is in their hands to make certain of a second season in the top division. Meanwhile,  Sons of War have a difficult match in hand versus Bredäng and will need their major players to perform if they are to gain some unexpected points.

In the middle of the league, Bredäng and Gangsters will be fighting it out for 4th and 5th. With Gangsters facing off against Crowd Control, who have all but cemented a third-place finish, it is likely that Bredäng will take the 4th spot.

However, it is the top of the league where all eyes will invariably be focussed as Saints and Sinners and Allstars go to war for the championship. With Saints and Sinners holding a two-point lead, they know that they can afford to lose 3:2 and still win the UTPL season 1, but this may be easier said than done against the superstars from North America.

See https://utproleague.com/utpl-season-1-dates-and-matches/ for the final play dates.


Some community thoughts:

Flikswich (BrD):

I think Allstars best chance is winning the duels and 2v2, whilst trying to steal a 4v4. Sons of War are going to struggle to get points vs a strong Bredäng lineup, so might end up last and, whoever loses out of half abs and L3 will probably face relegation. I probably favour L3 in the TDM and Half-Abs in duel.


FlowJr (L3):

I think Saints and Sinners will likely win the 4v4s, but the 2v2s/duels could really go either way. I’d imagine either 3:2 or 4:1 for sas, but anything could happen. I’m particularly interested in seeing the duels in this clanwar.

Given the current number of matches played [by SoW, Half-Abs, Limited Edition] and points awarded thus far, I’d imagine Sons of War will make it through, then it will be down to the Limited Edition versus Half-abs game.


Spixy (BrD):

I believe that Saints and Sinners has the advantage in the TDM maps. If I was Allstars I would skip putting reflex in for the TDM matches and put him in the duel. Personally, I am hyped for a reflex vs znatch duel match, which could go either way. All-in-all, 4-1 for sas. EU!

Half-abs are last now, but they will play both Sons of War and Limited Edition on December 1st. I think they have a great potential and I can see them putting out some good results on those matches. So, my guess is S.o.W and L3 will be going to the relegation.


sOuL` (g):

All [SoW, Half-Abs, L3] teams are solid but if I had to pick one team to stay in the Epic Division it would be S.o.W, as they, like us [gangsters], trained and improved and everyone can see the level went up. It shows that S.o.W care about the league and their performances.

Lets be honest, removing sas and Allstars means all games would be close, but between the two it will come down to server choice and playday performance. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing demon against znatch or aco in duel.

The league has been awesome so far, I really like it, so can only say keep it up and don’t lose the momentum!

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  1. MemphiS

    Was nice to be part of the first season even If we are not happy with some results (our start vs. gangsters was horrible) , especially vs. the americans which are pretty hard to play tbh because of high ping and inputlag. Looking forward to the next season!

    ggs & wp to all the Teams!

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