2020 Spring – Challenger – Week 2 – Predictions

As a part of coverage for Challenger division, we wanted to bring you some more details on upcoming encounters. Following predictions are coming from fellow UTPL Epic division players. Many thanks to anzu, frag^m, M/\tt, Memphis, phantaci, TameR, tron, w)v for detailed expertise and for their predictions!



SENDMEME vs euphoria


10% vs 90%

tron: Keizer, dev and dewsick have great aim and they will be fun to spectate. Even tho mikey could potentially win a duel vs them.

w)v: Watch out for dewsick, keizer and dev’s insane aim. Backed up by some great team players in uZi Paa and Mastah.

TameR: Mikey is a strong player, and I’d expect him to stand out in TDM and duel if he plays it. However eu overall I expect will be fairly dominant. Dewsick has lethal hitscan, and I’d expect him to pull a lot of frags out in TDM. Likewise Keizer could put out a lot of damage in any mode. Sendmeme would be wise to ban UT99 maps against these guys.

anzu: What has to be highlighted at this matchup and for the league in general is the strong lineup from eu. Beating this team in 4on4 will be very hard for any team really, with some of the best hitscan players in this game. The player to watch out for on this matchup is Keizer, especially when he plays on deck for instance. I can see SENDMEME to win some maps, but not against this team unfortunately, although 1v1 is a weak point in eu’s lineup, their players are just much too experienced in UT.

MemphiS: SENDMEME as a mix team needs to improve their teamplay by every game and by practicing together but I’m interested to see what they can achieve together during this season. Maybe they can show some (bad) surprises tot he other teams! EU shows some good performances already in season1 and missed the qualifier spot by loosing vs. Half-abuse the last time in a very tough match. I’m pretty sure these guys are motivated to achieve this goal this time and maybe entering the EPIC division the next season. With the addition of Keizer they even increased their hitscan quality for sure. Keizer showed some nice sniper skills in the qualifier already. I see eu in advance for the TDM games as beeing the more experienced TDM team but duel could be a quiete different story. I hope we will see some close matches there.

frag^m: The individual performance and teamplay of Euphoria is hardly matched by any team in the Challenger Division. SENDMEME as a fairly new team will most likely have too little experience to counter the veterans.



Ocrana vs Adrenaline


62% vs 38%

tron: alfer and oakz will win the games they’re put in. I believe pownx will win his duels. And since oakz alfer will have to play 4v4tdm and duels, 2v2 will be probably won by adr.

w)v: Really close match with alfer being the star of ocr and pownx bringing home the win in duel.

TameR: Ocrana have a very nice, well-rounded roster. Alfer stands out as a star player, and I expect oakz will also do very well. Adr have their work cut out for them, however pOwNx has developed into a strong dueller in recent months. I imagine he will clinch a point for them in the duels.

anzu: This matchup could be interesting to watch, as I think the games will be rather close. ocr has a solid lineup with alfer for the tdms and oakz as a dueler. Dice is definitely the player to watch out for, he is a rather unkown name in the UT universe but definitely has the potential to surprise some people. It won’t be easy games for them against Adr, especially with players like pownx in the opponent team, but I see ocr a bit ahead of Adr. Adr definitely has the potential to take more points.

MemphiS: Ocrana will need alfers qualities to lead the team into the right direction. There is definately some Epic Division quality here. It will be interesting to see what we can expect from Dice & Freedom within this lineup as a relitavely unknown players. And if the Koz and oakz can help to provide a robust TDM lineup and help the newcomers to setup an easy start. Adrenaline lost pretty hard vs. Druckwelle in the first game, but overall the lineup looks pretty fair to gain some points out of the TDMs but I’m not sure it will be enough for this game already, especially vs. lineups with alfer. It will depend on the lineups, especially in duel if Adrenaline can steal more than 1 point out of this game but with alfer, as a high-profile fragger. Ocrana should win the TDM games but the 2v2 game has some potential for surprises here.

frag^m: Ocrana is still struggling under the lack of active members which I think puts them in a hard spot to practice. Alfer will most likely put up a strong show in his duel. Freedom as the joker card might be able to also win his match-up.


vs  lolgotum

MastersOfWar vs lolgotum


83% vs 17%

w)v: Depending on who plays for mow, they should edge this one primarily because i just don’t know much about the NA players.

anzu: Unfortunately, I don’t really know the players in lolgotum. M.o.W have a very decent team for 2v2 and duels, if pennsylvania plays in a duel that should result into a guaranteed point for M.o.W, while Seth Dakam is a good and underrated tdm player. For this reason, Seth Dakam is the player to watch out for imo in 2v2 or 4v4. I can see players like hyperreal take a point away from M.o.W though, especially if the rest of the team is in a similar skill level.

MemphiS: M.o.W. lost vs. Mesa, which seems to be 1 of the top candidates for getting top #1 spot in the season but it was with high ping. And I can feel their pain, really… It will nice to see if they can improve their game aswell because the potential is fefinately there but the lineups hasn’t played really together in the past. I’m not sure if we will see Pennsylvania in the 2nd game but hes definately 1 of the candidates for getting a point in his duel. Lolgotum is some kind of a wonderbag or similar. I’m really curious about this lineup and what kind of things we can expect from this lineup! But ist always good to see new teams within the divisions which offers alot of potential for surprises and maybe even some rising stars. This is really hard to predict but! I see M.o.W. a little bit ahead when they can perform better than in the first game for sure! From lolgotum’s side I’m looking forward to get surprised!

frag^m: Despite receiving quite the beating vs Mesa Gaming, M.o.W will show their TDM prowess versus the Americans.





75% vs 25%

w)v: skandalouz is key to dw’s TDM hopes whilst vo3 will take a duel for sure. Again, I just don’t know much about the south american guys so looking forward to what they bring!

TameR: Probably the match you don’t want to miss – both of these are contenders for top 3 at the end of the season. I expect this will be pretty close in 4v4 and in duels. In 2v2, dw may struggle, depending on the roster they go for. Vo3 is a formidable dueller, but likewise pl4sma is deadly. szquisite and Gabo both looked strong in TDM against shuuk last week. Skandalouz remains a pillar of dw’s lineup – very powerful in both TDM and duel.

phantaci: This will be the first real test for both teams. We can Jez drop a map last week against shuuk and this week LATAM plays an even tougher opponent. dw won the Challenger division last season and even without their star dueler they are a team to be respected. pl4sm has shown he can compete with the best of them in duel but v03 or skandalouz will not be easy to beat. dw also has an advantage in 4v4 in terms of experience. I think it will boil down to which team has experience playing with higher ping. 

anzu: Druckwelle might be the best team of the Challenger division, skandalouz and vo3 are really good and respected duelers, where players like evolution and ShX must still prove themselves in utpl, since we haven’t seen them play in the first season. They don’t have the skill potential that eu has, but we see them practice a lot and they are more consistent in their abilities between the different gamemodes. Unfortunately, I don’t know most of the players in LATAM, the biggest problem they face is that the ping difference really is no joke from south america, thats the main reason I do not see them get a lot of points in this league. The player to watch out for is vo3, we haven’t seen him in a long time, I want him to get back to his prior strength and I hope that he delivers.

MemphiS: Druckwelle was not far away from the Epic Division last season but lost in the qualifier vs. SoW in a tough match. They lost tamerlane within their lineup but added vo3, an talented dueler to their squad which can help them for sure and maybe not only in duel but in the TDM games aswell. At the end skandalouz, a player who could easily play in most of the epic division lineups, his performances will define the chances about winning and the quality of this team within the season. It’s really great to see another new team joining the utproleague and it’s very cool to have another american team that compete within our favourite league. These guys showed an impressive performance in their first game! It looks like this team will (maybe) compete also for 1 of the top3 spots of the season! Maybe a little bit underrated before. A team we will alot of fun with, I’m sure about it! Because oft he ping disadvantage I would guess LATAM can maybe steal a TDM point, either in TDM or the 2v2 match but in Duel I see dw in advance at the moment. The 2v2 match could be really the deciding game about winning or losing the whole matchup.

frag^m: DRUCKWELLE is one of the favorites in the Challenger division. However, LATAM seems to be in good shape right now. Overall I tend to see the edge with dw.



Mesa Gaming vs SENDMEME


100% vs 0%

w)v: With inceptos and exit, it’s difficult to see sendmeme claiming any maps here, but it will be good experience for them as they build their understanding.

TameR: I imagine mesa will come away with a dominant victory here. A strong lineup all round. The smartest approach for Sendmeme might be to put all their chips into 2v2, and try to grab a point there. Exit and Lass are both high end players in duels, and likewise inceptos and Waisty know their way around TDM.

anzu: mesa came with a pretty strong team, especially looking at inceptos, who won the epic division in the first season, but also ExitNextRight, Lass and ItsWaisty are players that you should not underestimate. meas easily is one of the teams next to dw and eu that are fighting for a spot in the epic division. Considering the ping difference, SENDMEME might steal a point or so from mesa, but I don’t see it happen honestly. Player to watch out for in this matchup is inceptos, he is easily one of the strongest players we have in this game.

MemphiS: mesa, with this lineup it’s my personal favourite for the #1 spot this season. Sure they need to win vs. other strong teams first like dw or eu but I think mesa will be the team you want to beat in the challanger division SENDMEME [listen & repeat] as a mix team needs to improve their teamplay by every game and by practicing together but I’m interested to see what they can achieve together during this season. Maybe they can show some (bad) surprises to the other teams! There is some potential in the duel lineups to steal some points. I think this will end up in a clear win for mesa to be honest. But I’m interested in the Duel lineups. Maybe there is a chance to steal a point there for SENDMEME but it will be definately very hard to do that vs. such a strong lineup and individuals.

frag^m: I think this day will be the second really tough clanwar for SENDMEME. Mesa Gaming has ambitions for the first place and looking at their scary roster, I don’t think SENDMEME is able to stand a chance.

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