2020 Summer – Format and Rules

Prize Pool
  • In the UTPL Season 2020 Summer, a total of $5,000 will be distributed to the teams.
  • The distribution will look as follows
    • Rank #1: $2,000
    • Rank #2: $1,500
    • Rank #3: $1,000
    • Rank #4: $500
  • Payout

On a playday, each team plays a clanwar consisting of 5 matches within a timeslot (1 timeslot per team per playday) in this order:

  1. TDM 4on4 #1
    • Best-of-1 & Time Limit 15
  2. TDM 4on4 #2
    • Best-of-1 & Time Limit 15
  3. TDM 2on2
    • Best-of-3 & Time Limit 15
  4. Duel #1
    • Best-of-3 & Time Limit 10
  5. Duel #2
    • Best-of-3 & Time Limit 10
  • Each match will provide 1 point to the winner. Hence, on every playday, a team can earn between 0 and 5 points.
  • Every player must not play more than 2 game modes (Duel, 2on2, 4on4) per playday. Additionally, no player is allowed to play more than 1 duel match.



At the end of the league, the top 4 teams will advance to the Play-Offs, which will be held in one play-off day.


  • Before map voting, both teams must provide their lineups for 2on2 TDM (maximum a pool of 3 players who can be placed on any maps) and the duels to one of the cup organizers (and remain secretive to the opposing team until mapvoting begins).
  • The duels are not seeded/ranked. Hence, every line-up can be changed from clanwar to clanwar.
  • No lineups have to be provided for 4on4 TDM. All players of a roster can be placed on any maps.
  • Handing in the lineup must happen before the Tuesday at 21:00 UTC preceding the respective playday (which is on a Sunday).
  • If a lineup was provided until the deadline, the other team can proceed and vote all maps.


  • Each team will have 3 line-up jokers per season.
  • Only 1 joker per match-up can be used (read: only 1 player can be hot-swapped in 2on2; additional rule: duel players cannot be swapped with each other).
  • A joker can be used for the case that a player cannot attend his duel or 2on2. A replacement player of the team’s roster can be nominated so the match can take place.
  • The opponent of the joker team/player can decide whether maps are re-picked or not.


Default loss
  • If a team’s duel player cannot attend his match or if the 2on2 cannot attend with sufficient players, the match will end in a default loss.
  • The order of the matches within a clanwar can be swapped (e.g. last duel can be played before the 4on4 tdm maps if both teams agree) to avoid a default loss.


  • Mapvoting must happen before the Wednesday at 21:00 UTC preceding the respective playday (which is on a Sunday).
  • The teams’ seeds are predetermined at the beginning of a season.
  • For EACH of the TDM 4on4 matches combined, the teams use the following map voting rules:
    1. BAN (higher seeded team)
    2. BAN (lower seeded team)
    3. PICK (higher seeded team) = first match
    4. PICK (lower seeded team) = second match
  • For Duel matches and TDM 2on2, the teams use a shared map pool both the matches the following map voting rules:
    1. BAN (higher seeded team)
    2. BAN (lower seeded team)
    3. PICK (higher seeded team) = first map
    4. PICK  lower seeded team) = second map
    5. BAN (higher seeded team)
    6. PICK (lower seeded team) = decider map
  • To ease the process of the Mapvote, please use this template https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qhx7fz36sR3ALBJNXTESRIqifFXWav9CdqGKmxPHUT0/edit?usp=sharing
  • Each team may consist of a maximum of 8 players. Players can be added during a season until the maximum number is reached. After that, new players (who have not yet played during the current season) may be switched into the team when another one is switched out (and the switched out player cannot enter another team during the season).


Map Pools


The mutators/settings for all matches are:


  • NA vs NA
    • NA (most fair server)
  • NA vs SA
    • 4on4 tdm: 1 Brazil, 1 NA (most fair server)
    • 2on2 tdm & duel:
      • 1 bo3 to be randomly selected via coin-toss to be BRAZIL (NA pick), NA (SA pick; most fair server); tiebreaker on BRAZIL
      • the other 2 bo3s to be randomly selected via coin-toss to be NA (most fair), BRAZIL, NA (most fair)
      • in all matches between NA and SA, either side must provide their lineups, and after that the coin flips will be possible.
  • EU vs SA
    • All matches are to be played on NYC
  • EU vs EU
    • EU (most fair server)
  • EU vs NA
    • Map order determined by seeds
    • NA pick on LONDON; EU pick on NYC; tiebreaker on LONDON
      • exception 1: pure-west-coast in 2on2/dueler; then NA pick on LONDON; EU pick on NYC; tiebreaker on NYC
      • exception 2: if LONDON offers most fair for both teams/players, then LONDON all maps of a match [e.g. of duel1])
  • EU reference servers are
    • UnrealPUGs DE
    • UnrealPUGs UK
  • NA reference servers
    • GCP Virginia UTPugs
    • UTPugs NYC


  • Teams/players are obliged to provide the screenshots in the screenshot channel on Discord right after their matches without asking.


Fairplay Rules
  • Players must either play a match until the timelimit is hit or concede the match by typing “gg”
  • Players are not allowed to enter the match servers as a spectator
  • Positive attitude
    • Be kind & respect other humans
    • Listen to the moderation team
    • No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia or other hate-based chat
    • Don’t spam words or use all-caps
    • Don’t argue with people over chat — especially the moderators (use private messages to sort out your differences)
    • Use English so everybody can understand and reply to what you are saying
  • No private streaming
    • During playdays, players are not allowed to stream their pov. All your UTPL matches will be live-streamed exclusively by the RYE Twitch channel. However, players are allowed to record their pov, and upload these videos to YouTube or use Twitch’s premiere function for a date and time where the UTPL is not being cast by the RYE Twitch channel. If a player streams his pov, the player will be banned for at least one playday and the team risks of receiving 0 points for the streamed matches.
  • All players who are registered in a team’s active season roster are obliged to enter the UTPL’s Discord server and remain there for the duration of the season.
  • Warnings
    • For certain breaches of rules, players may receive warnings.
    • If a team receives more than 1 warning per season, they will receive penalty points in the ranking.
    • If a team receives more than 3 warnings per season, they will be in danger of being disqualified for the season.

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