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2019 Winter

Limited Edition vs E.P.REpic Division Qualifiers-
DRUCKWELLE vs BredängEpic Division Qualifiers-
Half-Abs vs EuphoriaEpic Division Qualifiers-
Sons of War vs AdrenalineEpic Division Qualifiers-
Saints and Sinners vs BredängEpic Division1
Gangsters vs Sons of WarEpic Division1
Allstars vs Limited EditionEpic Division1
Crowd Control vs Half-AbsEpic Division1
Limited Edition vs Sons of WarEpic Division2
Saints and Sinners vs GangstersEpic Division2
Allstars vs GangstersEpic Division2
Allstars vs Half-AbsEpic Division2
Adrenaline vs E.P.RChallenger Division1
DRUCKWELLE vs E.P.RChallenger Division2
DRUCKWELLE vs AdrenalineChallenger Division2
Gangsters vs BredängEpic Division3
Limited Edition vs Crowd ControlEpic Division3
Saints and Sinners vs Half-AbsEpic Division3
Allstars vs Sons of WarEpic Division3
Euphoria vs E.P.RChallenger Division3
Euphoria vs AdrenalineChallenger Division3
Saints and Sinners vs Sons of WarEpic Division4
Limited Edition vs BredängEpic Division4
Gangsters vs Half-AbsEpic Division4
Allstars vs Crowd ControlEpic Division4
Crowd Control vs Sons of WarEpic Division5
Saints and Sinners vs Limited EditionEpic Division5
Bredäng vs Half-AbsEpic Division5
Bredäng vs Crowd ControlEpic Division5
Crowd Control vs Saints and SinnersEpic Division6
Gangsters vs Limited EditionEpic Division6
Allstars vs BredängEpic Division6
Crowd Control vs GangstersEpic Division7
Sons of War vs Half-AbsEpic Division7
Limited Edition vs Half-AbsEpic Division7
Sons of War vs BredängEpic Division8
Euphoria vs DRUCKWELLEChallenger Division4
Half-Abs vs EuphoriaEpic Division Relegation-
Saints and Sinners vs AllstarsEpic Division9
Sons of War vs DRUCKWELLEEpic Division Relegation-