Challenger Division Wrapped Up and Season 3 Info

With the final games in the Challenger Division played out, Mesa Gaming and Druckwelle narrowly overcame the challenge of LATAM and are rewarded with a spot in the Epic Division for UTProLeague Season 3.

Once again, it has been pleasing for all matches to be played in such good spirit and a testament to the devoted following Unreal Tournament continues to enjoy that Season 2 has been so successful.

And now, it is our pleasure to announce that UTPL Season 3 will begin on the 23/24 May.

Although we are currently analysing the community feedback survey to look for ways to improve the league in Season 3, a few changes can be announced today:

  • DM-Hazard (created by Flikswich) will replace DM-Antiquus for 2v2 TDM. The map can be downloaded from UTCC and is available to play on any hub with a UTPL ruleset.
  • DM-Tempest, DM-Nitro and DM-Codex have all been updated by community member Moxnix. Kozand has also improved DM-Sidcastle.

If you are a team leader, ensure to regularly check discord pinned messages for any new updates.

As usual, any new teams or players interested in participating in the UTPL can be added before the start of the league in the UTPL free agents channel on discord.

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