Current Season – Matches

2020 Summer

Masters of War vs Sons of War1
Saints and Sinners vs LATAM1
Mesa Gaming vs baguette1
ShKsters vs Saints and Sinners2
baguette vs Allstars2
LATAM vs Sons of War2
DRUCKWELLE vs Mesa Gaming2
ShKsters vs BAGUETTE3
Saints and Sinners vs DRUCKWELLE3
baguette vs Saints and Sinners4
ShKsters vs Masters of War4
DRUCKWELLE vs Allstars4
Allstars vs ShKsters4
Mesa Gaming vs LATAM4
Sons of War vs Saints and Sinners5
Masters of War vs LATAM5
Mesa Gaming vs Masters of War5
LATAM vs Allstars5
Saints and Sinners vs Masters of War6
DRUCKWELLE vs baguette6
Sons of War vs Mesa Gaming6
Masters of War vs baguette7
DRUCKWELLE vs Sons of War7
baguette vs LATAM7
Allstars vs Sons of War7
Mesa Gaming vs ShKsters7
Sons of War vs ShKsters8
Saints and Sinners vs Mesa Gaming8
Allstars vs Masters of War8
Sons of War vs baguette9
Masters of War vs DRUCKWELLE9
Saints and Sinners vs Allstars9
LATAM vs ShKsters9
Mesa Gaming vs Allstars9
Finals Qualifier 1: #6 (DRUCKWELLE) vs #7 (BAGUETTE)Finals
Quarter Finals 1: #3 (Sons of War) vs Qualifier 1 winnerFinals
Finals Qualifier 2: #5 (Mesa Gaming) vs #8 (ShKsters)Finals
Quarter Finals 2: #4 (LATAM) vs Qualifier 2 winnerFinals
Semi Finals 1: #2 (Allstars) vs Quarter 1 winnerFinals
Semi Finals 2: #1 (Saints and Sinners) vs Quarter 2 winnerFinals
Third Place PlayoffFinals
Grand FinalsFinals