We are very excited to announce the opportunity for you to support the UTProLeague Season 1 through voluntary donations!

By default, the prize pool is distributed to the teams of the Epic Division. However, we would like to provide prize money for the Challenger Division as well as for the relegation and play-offs, increase the overall prize pool (incl. Epic Division), and building our infrastructure (e,g, servers, website).

Donations are completely voluntary! The purpose is purely to enhance and propel this league by providing funds. If you would like to support us, please use the link (frag^m’s account who is operated by the UTPL agency)

Important: when you donate, please comment “UTPL” among other text. This will enable us to identify which donations are meant for the UTPL and not for other cups or streamers on RYE’s Twitch channel.

Any contributions are very much appreciated and used absolutely for the league (after PayPal fees []). We will always be transparent about this.

Also, as a little “thank you” we would (nick)name you (with your permission) as a contributor in our final video of the season.

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