Epic Division Conclusion

And so, Season 2 in the Epic Division has drawn to a close. Although to many, the victors – Saints and Sinners – were inevitable, there is a story emerging within the league. Not all teams can attest to having 20 years’ worth of experience in the Unreal Tournament franchise, let alone Team Death Match (TDM), but the competition is mounting.

Whilst the champions were crowned after the penultimate round of fixtures, their road to victory had many closely fought encounters that could have seen the pendulum swing in their opponents’ favour on another day. The battle for second spot further demonstrated the closely contested season with Absolute narrowly edging out Bredäng and Crowd Control in an exciting final day.

Despite rounding out the league in 5th and 6th respectively, Gangsters and Sons of War demonstrated routinely how dangerous they could be, especially in 4v4 TDM.

It is this growing competition amongst the teams that is truly exciting for the league.

As the battle for promotion wages on in the Challenger Division and despite half the season still to play for, it seems certain Mesa Gaming will find themselves in the big league in just over eight weeks’ time. Who joins them is likely to be a tussle between LATAM and DRUCKWELLE.

What is clear between Season 1 and Season 2 is that the strength of competition is rising at an impressive rate. The founding stalwarts have continued to set the standards with the newly formed line-ups rising to the challenge week by week.

In these uncertain times, gaming can provide a solace for many to stay in touch with others in a hobby they love. As such, season 3 cannot come soon enough and whispers of new teams can already be heard.

Statistics about map picks of 2020 Spring Epic Division:

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