UT Pro League Season 4!

Today, we are pleased to announce the 4th season of UT Pro League. The tournament will begin on Saturday 3rd July with signups opening...

2020 SUMMER – Results

Final standings Rank #1: USD 2000 Allstars Rank #2: USD 1500 Saints and Sinners Rank #3: USD 1000 Sons of War Rank #4: USD...
Non-toxicity commitment
Our very own community member uZi took the time to create a non-toxicty codex which all UTPL players should live up to. Why swearing/toxic behavior is bad (non-conclusive...
2020 Summer – Week 2 – Predictions
This week matches will be very interesting as the 2019 Winter winners Allstars will have their first game this season, and 4 teams who have their eyes on...

2020 Summer – Format and Rules

Prize Pool In the UTPL Season 2020 Summer, a total of $5,000 will be distributed to the teams. The distribution will look as follows...

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Epic Division 2020 Spring

Sons of War
4 - 1
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Challenger Division 2020 Spring

0 - 5
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