Non-toxicity commitment

Our very own community member uZi took the time to create a non-toxicty codex which all UTPL players should live up to.

Why swearing/toxic behavior is bad (non-conclusive list):

  1. It’s usually a very poor choice if you want your point/view taken seriously.
  2. This kind of behaviour is not conductive to a friendly and inclusive community.
  3. This is particularly important in the UT community due to the small collection of players that we have.
  4. Acting in this way will only lead to losing players, both new and old, and that is nothing but a bad thing for us all.
  5. It’s disrespectful to the players and the hosts of the UTPL.
  6. It leads to a hateful relationship with the communtiy surrounding the game, and the game itself.
  7. There are those within the community who like to provoke others for a reaction which in itself is toxic and unsavoury. However, it always ends badly for the one who reacts to this and it is the person who reacts, not those provoking the reaction, who is left with the poor impression upon them. Being the one to react also invites more provoking from others within the community and can lead to a vicious cycle of toxicity, arguments and a bad atmosphere for all within the community. Don’t allow yourself to become this person.

Our passion for UT comes from a positive place, which is a deep love of the game. This is, after all, that which binds us together as a community and why we are still here 20 years after the first UT was released.

Keep it positive,
Mr uZi

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