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Adrenaline was founded in 2017 by MII, as one of the first Assault mode teams in the new Unreal Tournament. Shortly after, the clan switched their attention to the newly created Blitz mode and went about creating a formidable line-up to gain considerable success. The flexibility of the players has led to them once more adapting and setting its sights on Team Deathmatch (TDM) and duel glory in the UT Pro League. Having already defeated some of the main contenders for UTPL season one in Blitz, can Adrenaline overcome the best of the best in their own backyard?



An experienced player who grew up with the Unreal Tournament series. He has explored the series to the maximum having competed in the original UT99, UT2004 and UT3 across many game modes (DM, TDM, iCTF, vCTF, TAM, Freon, Ballistic Weapons, Jailbreak) before making the jump into UT4 with the popular Blitz game mode. At the beginning of UT4, he played under the nick name Bezlikiy. Bezy-Boomsa is a very well-rounded team player who likes to get up close an personal, using his Blitz skills to take out opponents in a hail of gunfire.



Jr was a casual player until he discovered the UT4 Blitz mode in 2015 which sparked his competitiveness. Driven by his desire to explore this game mode he created possibly the most comprehensive piece of UT content in existence; a mammoth, 10-hour-long Blitz tutorial. Having tasted success in many Blitz tournaments, Jr now has desires to conquer TDM in the UTPL.



Like many of his team mates, Masklin’s history as a UT player began with Blitz. Despite his high-level performances and prominence within the scene, he is perhaps most known within the community for establishing the #UTBESTGAME meme. His weapon stats suggest a balanced player competent with all weapons in the game.



Bringing many a year of experience from UT99 to the Adrenaline roster, p0wNx has a background primarily in Capture the Flag (CTF) and Duels. Despite an extended hiatus, he has returned to UT and will be a formidable weapon in the Adrenaline arsenal during the inaugural UTPL season. It is likely that p0wNx will focus mainly on duels where he enjoys dominating opponents with the shock and sniper rifle.



Reija began his Unreal Tournament career as a Domination and CTF player in UT99. Like p0wNx, Reija enjoyed a period away from the series before returning upon the announcement of the current iteration to return to the CTF and Assault arenas. With Adrenaline taking aim at the UTProLeague, he is sure to be a valuable asset to his new team as he looks to earn his stripes in TDM and Duel.



Wessmania is, like most of his team mates, a dedicated and successful Blitz mode player. During his playing days he has amassed an incredible kill count as shown by his weapon stats. His weapon versatility is sure to be a valuable commodity for the various TDM maps in the UTPL. For those unconnected to the Blitz scene, he could be one to watch!


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