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The name of the team aptly describes the players in the Allstars line-up. A fearsome roster of some of the greatest North American players to ever play Unreal Tournament, they are the favourite by many to triumph in the first UTProLeague (UTPL) season. If they achieve this feat, it will be a clean sweep of the major weapon-based UT team modes to put alongside titles in Blitz, Elimination and Capture the Flag.



Currently on loan from Absolute, Killing has joined forces with former rivals Allstars for the first season of UTPL. By consistently putting up monstrous performances both online and on LAN, he has cemented himself as arguably one of the best pure fraggers in the game. His UT4 achievements span across many game modes and continents, including duel cup wins in both Europe and South America. After taking a hiatus to play Quake Champions competitively, where he won the Dreamhack 2018 & 2019 Sacrifice tournaments, he has returned to his UT roots to help Allstars claim another prestigious title. With founding member Rook!e unable to commit to the league, Allstars is relying on Killing to make up for the loss in firepower. Judging by his remarkable consistency in TDM thus far, he has shown to be exactly what the team needed.



Demon1 is one of the younger UT players in North America and has already established himself as a duel phenom and excellent CTF flag runner. He went from being a Tier 2 Duel Cup winner to having a guaranteed spot in the World Duel Cup #3 Tournament as the 4th seed. Additionally, he recently claimed first place in the Omega Cup CTF tournament with Rook!e and Fusion. A hyper aggressive player with excellent movement he has been featured in every gametype for Allstars so far with success.



Reflex made a name for himself in UT2004 by winning duel & TAM tournaments. He transitioned to UT near the start of the pre-alpha, winning the Ownedwell CTF Tournament with fellow Allstars teammates Rook!e and Cookie. He would take mini hiatuses before coming back to win multiple duel and team tournaments. Regardless of mode, when NA needs representation reflex has been on the top of everyone’s list. He has experience playing and winning across the pond with most of his Allstar teammates. He is known for his impeccable aim and excellent movement. His sniper aim in duel is statistically unmatched. He is regularly used as Allstars’ number 1 seeded dueler and with good reason, he is the best dueler in the world according to Plusforward and Epic’s own MMR system. He has an aggressive style that he pairs nicely with quick thinking and years of duel experience. Right now reflex is arguably the hottest player in the game.



While not officially a member of Allstars, he’s no stranger to playing with the team. Some might remember Waste Management winning the Blitz Salvation Cup. This would not have been possible without inceptos’ contributions, which include being the captain of the team and primary flag runner. With thousands of hours logged on Unreal Tournament 3’s (UT3) Vehicle CTF mode, inceptos has transferred his skills to the latest iteration of UT CTF and earned the reputation of being one of the most complete players in the game. Having pioneered many useful hammer jumps and flag run routes, his ability to maximize efficiency will be an integral part of the success of this team. While he’s known for his inventive movement and entertaining to watch playstyle, he still manages to excel in the fragging department with his flashy highlight reel frags.



Considered by many to be the best UT3 player on console, phantaci made the switch from console to the PC when he found out about UT4 and has quickly adapted to compete at the highest level with the finest players the Unreal Tournament PC community has to offer. An extremely impressive feat considering the need to learn an entirely new input device. His best tools in the arena are his unpredictable combat movement and otherworldly prediction rockets. Outside of the arena he’s known for his charisma, leadership and raw passion when competing. Having earned accolades in every mode UT4 has to offer, he’s looking to lead this Allstars lineup to more success.



An unknown name to many, ski has his roots in Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2k4) and is a founding member of Allstars. He brings a wealth of much needed experience and wisdom from his numerous UT2k4 achievements playing alongside his teammate Rook!e for 15 years. So far he has stayed under the radar in UT4 by playing only public Elimination games and not participating in tournaments. This will be his debut in competitive UT4. Expect ski to keep a cool head and be the calm voice when tensions arise, while demonstrating his ability to still frag with the best.

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