Team Introduction – Crowd Control

Crowd Control

Created for the UT Pro League (UTPL), rrreav has put together an impressive roster, combining players from each generation of Unreal Tournament. Much will be expected of the Germany based team, with the nation being a traditional powerhouse in the series. The lineup is well balanced with players adept at both duel and team deathmatch (TDM).


DE rrreav

An exceptionally motivated and well-liked member of the community, rrreav has demonstrated impressive performances in both duel and TDM. In a team full of top-level duellers, it will be interesting to see who he selects per game mode. His stats are well balanced which suggests no real weaknesses. An all-round impressive player that will be keen to make a name for himself during the league season. Catch rrreav on twitch where he streams his point of view regularly.

DE GitzZz

The legendary German is the most well-known player in the game. His name transcends Unreal Tournament through his achievements at major events such as the World Cyber Games (WCG). His stats show that his fearsome sniper is still to be reckoned with, although there is a healthy balance between other guns as well.


Up until his hiatus, K!nex was competing at the very top echelon for duel show casing exceptional aim coupled with graceful movement. His comeback is sure to strike fear into the rest of the league and it will be interesting to see if he can still mix it with the best.

DE rePete

Another impressive dueller on the cc roster, rePete is known to be an incredibly difficult opponent on his day, favouring close-range battles where he can use his rockets to turn engagements into brawls. He will thoroughly analyse situations before and during games, striving for perfection. This methodical mindset aides him well in duel, ensuring limited mistakes and restricting opportunities for opponents to take advantage. In the world of TDM, where action is frequent, can this approach work? If there’s one player that can prove it can, it’s rePete!

DE d3ity`

A player that can always be counted on for calmness and following the game plan, he has his roots firmly in the Unreal Tournament 2004 iteration of the game. In 2005, he won the Giga Grandslam VI, shown on German TV. He is a threat in both duel and TDM, with strong hit scan weapon handling. He accepts that he sometimes struggles in fight against the elite tier of players, with his ultra low sensitivity, but to his teammates, he plays a vital role in their team.

DE anzu

A player that has shown immense improvement in the past year. His motivation and determination has seen him progress steadily up the ranks of plusforward, breaking into the top 10 thanks to winning the recent ESL farewell cup, defeating fellow cc team mate rrreav in the final. His stats suggest a hit scan heavy game style.

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