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Druckwelle began it’s story with Capture the Flag (CTF) in Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2k4). Over the years their line-up progressed from division 4 to division 1. Now, with the announcement of the UTProLeague (UTPL), they have set their sights on promotion from the Challenger Division with the addition of some fearsome warriors.



Beginning his career in UT2k4, raynn has a history rooted in CTF, where he competed for Germany in ClanBase Nation Cups. Although he still views himself as a CTF player, he has adapted well to the UTPL Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode. His weapon stats suggest a player that is comfortable with any weapon, with a relatively even spread of frags.



Introduced to the original Unreal Tournament (UT99) at the tender age of 10 years old after discovering the game in a Florida mall, it wasn’t until the latest iteration, that he played the game on a regular, competitive basis. During the 2000s, he was baptised in European Counter-Strike, before switching over to Quake Live, with a particular focus on CTF. Though underestimated by some in UT, TameR has developed as a player that enables him to hold his ground against even the best of them, particularly in duel. He is now building a reputation for exceptional hit scan that assists his team with major frag power.



An old school UT99 player, mighty has many years of experience in CTF with multiple ClanBase NationCup, EuroCup and OpenCup titles to his name. Although not the same force in TDM, he is more than able to hold his own, where his strong team play and communication benefits the DW team.



Despite his journey starting with UT2k4, it wasn’t until the new UT that valot involved himself in the competitive scene. Like many of his team mates, his strength lies in CTF which he now hopes to translate into the TDM arena. He embraces the role of underdog, and as one of the few French players in the league, will be keen to demonstrate what his country has to offer.



Arguably the star team player on the DW roster, skandalouz will be relied upon to make the difference when it counts. With roots in the original Unreal, he progressed through to UT2k4 Team Arena (TAM) in 2005 before landing in the new UT around 2015 to play Elimination. With a strong personality and balanced weapon handling, skandalouz possesses all the attributes of a player that would not be out of place in the Epic division.



Primarily known as a top player of the legendary team-de line-up, sekomaniac boasts high-level experience with normal weapons in both CTF and Domination (DOM). Naturally, it is clear that he will be a valuable asset to the DW team during the UTPL season and their fight to reach the Epic division.

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