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Formed as an Unreal Tournament (UT99) team in late 2001 to compete in Team Death Match (TDM) and Instagib TDM (iTDM), euphoria is truly a team of real life friends. In it’s early years, it competed in Division 1 of ClanBase OpenCups, with their biggest success finishing runners up in iTDM during the spring of 2002. Although the team has not been active in its own right since 2004, the core members have always flirted with the idea of making a comeback. This dream slowly became a reality as dev began reuniting the squad in time for the first Unreal Tournament Pro League season, where they will compete in the Challenger division. With many of the victorious UK Nations Cup players on board, they will be anticipating a high place finish.



PlaYFuL was one of the original members of euphoria and is well known for his love of the shock rifle. His original spell in euphoria was fleeting however, as he switched team to compete in Unreal Tournament 2003 (UT2k3).  A short while later, he stopped playing UT on a regular basis which saw his with form tail off as he bounced around the fringes of ClanBase divisions 1 and 2. Around 2010 there was somewhat of a renaissance, with him focussing on Capture the Flag (CTF) where he returned to winning ways as he collected silverware from MLUT and ClanBase tournaments. He professes that his proudest achievement is winning 5 Multiplay Insomnia (major UK based LAN) events across both duel and team events between 2000 and 2004. In UT4 he still retains a strong reliance on his ability with the shock rifle but has developed his close combat game to wield the flak cannon in a particularly effective manner.


UK MastahBates

MastahBates started playing UT99 in 2002, primarily with the little known Zark sniper mod until 2005. At this time he switched over to TDM in time for the Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 ClanBase Cups, eventually finishing a respectable third in Division 3 for both events. It was at this time he switched to console for the next decade, only returning to Unreal Tournament in 2017 and finding his place in euphoria in 2019. His sniper rifle is well respected amongst his peers whilst powerful rockets balance off his skillset. One of the most improved players heading into the UTPL Challenger division, it will be interesting to observe his development during the season.


UK uZi

uZi has a history of playing First Person Shooters, beginning with Wolfenstein and Doom. He began his journey online with Quake 2 before progressing to UT in 1999. He initially played competitively UTA League, consistently topping the Assault 6v6 table for a number of years with his team at the time. Like many of his euphoria teammates,  he has a long history on ClanBase in iCTF and TDM (where he played alongside dev and Playful). His claim to fame is winning a LAN based duel event that was held during the same time as a World Cyber Games tournament, thus avoiding many of the big names of the time. More recently, he was a core member in winning the UT TDM Nations Cup with the UK (2018).


UK Dewsick

Dewsick is the newest member of euphoria. His history dates back to 2005 where he was introduce by a friend to UT99. From 2005-2007 he played some lesser played game modes such as LowGrav InstaGib, BunnyTrack and SniperArena . Progressing, he transferred to iCTF and transformed into one of the best instagib players in the game, consistently representing his country in ClanBase Nations cups. In 2011, Dewsick tried his hand at normal weapons with the Team Arena mode in Unreal Tournament 2004. This naturally led to elimination in the current iteration of UT and now into TDM, he has a desire to help euphoria gain success in the UTPL Challenger Division. His weapon stats show that his experience in normal weapons is limited, although he arguably possesses the best raw aim in the entire UTPL.


UK dev

Started with Unreal in mid-to-late 1998 before transitioning to Unreal Tournament in January 2000. Despite playing on a 56k modem and triple digit ping, dev built his well-renowned hit scan style of play. Since, 2005 to this day he has relied on this talent (as evidenced by his weapon stats) that has seen an impressive career, primarily in the instagib arena, participating in multiple ClanBase EuroCups, OpenCups and Nation Cups (where he won the only iTDM cup in 2006). A couple of interesting quiz facts; dev is the only person to have ever earned a godlike award in a ClanBase iTDM cup match and boasts one of the lowest sensitivities around at a cool 85cm /360.


UK Paa`

Paa` is another player steeped in the history of Unreal Tournament. He began his journey playing UT99 in Assault before switching over to TDM and consequently joining euphoria. After the team disbanded around 2004, Paa` was recruited by one of top teams of their time (oG) battling for success against UTPL founding team, Saints and Sinners.  During his time at the top of TDM, he also reached the upper echelons of instagib, where he consistently displayed his exceptional aim. Paa` annually hosts a LAN party for euphoria, and is known to be one of the most pleasant people in the game.



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