Team Introduction – Gangsters


With a roster packed full of experience and trophies the Gangsters Polish line-up is a fearsome proposition for any opponent. Founded by PL Kisiel, Gangsters have been a dominant force at national level with several ClanBase Nations Cups under their belts throughout UT99 and UT3. Gangsters will be looking to push for a top 4 position in the UTPL season 1.


PL sOuL`

Arguably the most experienced member of the Gangsters line-up, sOuL` has won many ClanBase Open Cups and Nations Cups dating back to the early 2000’s. He is an all-round, high-level TDM player that can be relied upon by his team to stick to positions and hand out high levels of damage. His stats back up his well-respected proficiency with the shock rifle, whilst also highlighting his expertise with the rocket launcher.


PL clinic

A true TDM player, clinic is a player that can sometimes go under the radar compared to his teammates, but to his team he is an invaluable asset. Like sOuL`, he is a true TDM player with a lot of experience throughout the Unreal Tournament series. His high levels of frag power benefit his team and he is for sure going to be key to Gangsters having a successful UTPL season.



With roots in modes ranging through iCTF, Duel and TDM, oLEq clearly has a lot of facets to his game. His stats suggest that he is equally adept in close combat with the rocket launcher, as at medium to long range with the shock rifle. In UT4 he has reached finals in Unreal Pugs organised CTF tournaments and he will be hoping to put a respectable TDM placement alongside those achievements.


PL ch1ps!

Less experienced than many of his teammates, ch1ps! began with the Unreal Tournament series with UT3. Like sOuL` and clinic, he is another predominantly TDM player, adding quality to the gangsters line-up with his clever movement and strong weapon handling. He could be the breakout star in Gangsters this season.


PL Sunnade

Like ch1ps!, Sunnade began with UT3, where he now happily competes at the top end of both TDM and Duel. Perhaps slightly underrated by those outside of the Polish community, Sunnade is more than capable of causing an upset against so called more illustrious opponents. His playstyle is hit scan heavy, giving a nice balance to the rest of the gangsters line-up.


PL szarkan

An extremely aggressive player with an attractive playstyle, szarkan is known for spectacular shock combos. He is well equipped to battle in both Duel and TDM and will surely be one of the key members of the gangsters UTPL roster. Similar to Sunnade, he should not be taken lightly when it comes to 1v1 combat.

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