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Home of the elimination game mode, Team Absolute’s journey into the new Unreal Tournament (UT) began early in the games development. Founding member Trinatek founded the clan with friends, and his relentless desire to improve saw the team rise to the upper echelons of the North American scene, regularly encountering adversaries, Allstars, in tense tournament finals. When news broke of the UTProLeague (UTPL), Absolute suffered the loss of Killing, who switched allegiances to their fierce rivals in order to team up with reflex (his 2v2 Team Deathmatch (TDM) partner) and Lavak3, who was unable to play early season. Adapting, Absolute recruited the South American phenom Matt and Capture the Flag (CTF) whizz kid, constabble, to form Half-Abs. Despite the restructuring, Half-Abs are looking to show they are still a force to be reckoned with even without their two chief damage dealers.



Having never played UT99 or UT2k4, s!r cuts an unusual figure in the Unreal universe. Curiously, s!r’s history actually stems from an even older title in Unreal Gold, where he was well known for heavy fragging. Since shifting to the new UT in 2016 with duel and elimination, s!r has developed a chaotic game style that effectively blends aggression with impressive accuracy. For UTPL, s!r now looks to refine his all-round play, to further enhance his standing in the game.



Exit is another player that began his competitive career with the latest UT, with some limited experience in the original Unreal Tournament (UT99). Exit is deemed by many as North America’s most improved player in the past two years, demonstrating the talent to take maps, and even series, from the games elite duellers. With calculated aggression and incredible aerial combo ability, Exit consistently impresses and is a player his opponents will surely be wary of in the UTPL.



As the sole South American player in the UTPL, Matt is burdened with a ping of 250 to Europe. Despite this he regularly demonstrates why he is supremely respected as a player, delivering strong positioning, communication and raw aim to the Half-Abs roster.  His achievements include an impressive first place in the Unreal-Pugs Salvation Cup for division 2 and second place in the NA CTF Draft cup.



Active in the UT series since UT99, Trinatek is primarily known for founding the absolute clan whilst also funding and running the absolute servers for the community. His involvement in the competitive environment began with the development of the new UT, where he has shown a relentless desire to improve all aspects of his gaming, whilst remaining a positive beacon for his team mates. This attitude has no doubt inspired others to rise from casual participants to dreaming of aspirations of grandeur in taking on the best the game has to offer. His game style can be likened to that of s!r, with explosive, calculated aggression.



A true giant in the duel arena, Tierce is known for outstanding tactical nous. Competitively, Tierce began back in the early days of UT2k4 where his slow, methodical play culminated in many victories against opponents unable to outwit or hit hard enough to defeat him. Tierce now looks to prove he is just as strong in the latest UT outing, and show that the glory days are far from over.



Recognised as an Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2k4) player, constable only recently transitioned to the new UT. He has since demonstrated an impressive ability to adapt to team-based games at a high level, having contributed heavily to his team’s second place victory in the NA CTF draft cup. With a level head, solid hit-scan, and crisp timings, constable has shown to be a solid bolster to Half Abs’s line-up



An Unreal Tournament veteran, Lavak3 began his competitive endeavours in UT2k4 with highlights including a gold medal place finish on LAN at Salt Lake City, 2006 . He is one of a select few UT players to have truly transferred his talents to other major esports titles such as Fortnite, Quake Champions, and now, the current iteration of UT (tasting glory in a 2017 duel cup victory). He is well known for his strong, aggressive style, with vicious aim despite various mouse and sensitivity setups. Replacing constable for the later rounds of UTPL, Lavak3 is keen to prove  that he is more than able to juggle commitments in the Quake Pro League and Fortnite, to show that lava does indeed kill everything.

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