Team Introduction – Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Co-founded in 2018 by tGm, Limited Edition started out as a team of friends just having fun in Unreal Tournament. As the team grew with the recruit of previous team mates and new acquisitions, the focus shifted towards the competitive Elimination arena. Now, the team gears up for their first participation in Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Duel in the UTProLeague (UTPL) looking to cause an upset against their more established opponents. The team may lack some experience in these modes, but they have a squad full of exciting potential which is sure to improve as the season wears on.




A relatively young player who first started playing Unreal Tournament in mid-2017, trøn has shown plenty of dedication, to quickly improve his skills, especially when it comes to duel. His fearsome aim is his most powerful asset, and he expertly asserts this on any opponent that he encounters. He benefits from an assorted interest in the various game modes available in UT4, including Team Deathmatch (TDM), Elimination, Duel and Blitz.



With his roots in Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2k4) and Unreal Tournament 3’s (UT3) Team Arena (TAM), it is no surprise that Bru7alGG made the switch to Elimination in the new UT, where he has been part of the very successful uR team. A very balanced player, dangerous at both short and long distances, his weapon stats evidence a clear leaning towards the major weapons in the game. Despite a short break, Bru7alGG has returned to the arena in time for the UTPL (replacing the disqualified Dion2k5) to offer high level support to Limited Edition in both team and duel modes.



His first exposure to the Unreal Tournament series was with the original (UT99) during the early 2000’s albeit only very casually in public servers. For the new UT, despite having his grounding in Elimination, he has displayed an increasing interest for TDM, which has led to his participation in the UTPL with Limited Edition. Whilst he possesses high frag power with solid hit scan, it is arguably the best movement in the league that distinguishes FlowJr most amongst his peers. The result is a balanced game style and one of the most exciting upcoming talents in the league.



A player with a clear leaning towards hit-scan, prsm began his playing career with UT2k4 competing in TDM and TAM. He will be a core piece of the Limited Edition puzzle heading into the UTPL, where his experience of team modes will be a key component to any success to be had.



Another new player to the Unreal Universe, alfer began in 2017 and has steadily improved since, with his weapon stats identifying a balanced playstyle that makes use of all weaponry in the UT arsenal. He has a healthy interest in many of the varied game modes that UT has to offer, such as Duel, Elimination, TDM and Blitz. A little side fact; he is also a keen Quake 3 player.



A long time player of the series, qw4rk began with UT99 way back in 2000. Since then he has been seen in both UT2k3 and UT2k4 until 2007, competing in TDM. Following a 10 year break, he once again put on his fragging shoes to return to the latest UT. Despite Elimination being his preferred mode, he will be a valued asset of the Limited Edition TDM lineup in the UTPL.



Despite his young age, dion already impressed with his tactical skills, aim and game sense. Even though he mainly played elimination in UT4, after a short career in the other UTs, he manages to adapt his playstyle according to the other modes, resulting in a tough opponent to play against.

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