Team Introduction – Saints and Sinners

Saints and Sinners

Established back in 2000, sas* have their roots firmly in the Unreal Tournament series. The team has participated mostly in UT99, UT3 and UT4 and seen great success in Team Deathmatch (TDM) by winning multiple online tournaments, including three prestigious ClanBase EuroCup awards. They will be favourites for many to win the inaugural UTProLeague.


UK w)v

Original co-founder of the team. w)v is primarily a TDM player. His stats show a healthy balance between weapon usage, although he is known for his dangerous rockets. He recently led his country to success in the TDM Nations Cup.

wlv weapon stats

SE znatch

Member of sas* since 2003, znatch is the superstar of the line-up and currently ranked number 2 on the pluforward global rankings whilst also occuping top spot on Possessing an incredible hit scan aim, it is no surprise that he regularly posts huge damage output numbers in both duel and TDM.

znatch weapon stats

EE s1aY

As the newest member of the line-up, s1aY had the unenvious role of replacing the imperious PT hypno. s1aY is a pressure heavy player no matter the weapon. He arguably has the deadliest enforcer in the game as well as exceptional hit scan weapon handling.

slay weapon stats

DE frag^m

The world-famous German is the most experienced player in the sas* line-up with many appearances at the large LAN tournaments in the history of Unreal Tournament. His greatest achievements are winning the CPL Dallas World Championship 2004 and the ClanBase Eurocup LAN finals 2005 in UT2K4 TDM. He brings a close combat style and excellent communication to the team. His weapon of choice? The mighty flak cannon.

fragm weapon stats

UK dylan-

Until recently, dylan- was recognised as the top dueller alongside hypno. His achievements in UT are multiple ESL duel titles and these ensure that he remains high up on the plusforward global world rankings. It is unlikely that dylan- will feature heavily in TDM, instead honing his unique style of play in duel, where opponents will need to make count any opportunity dylan- affords them.

dylan weapon stats


Brought in as a replacement for dylan-, ACo> offers the highest level of duel and TDM talent. Known as an all-round excellent player in UT2k4, he has transferred his skills to the current iteration of UT and is sure to be a formidable addition to the Saints and Sinners roster. His weapon kill stats show one of the most equally distributed ‘kills by weapon’ of any player in UTPL, demonstrating solid weapon handling no matter the situation.

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