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Sons of War

Sons of War was established by Seth Dakam and GeK in late 2001, appearing in the original Unreal Tournament (UT99) and Unreal Tournament 2003 (UT2k3). The team took two long hiatuses circa 2014-16 only to resurface in the new Unreal Tournament (UT) with old and new team mates alike. As such, Sons of War delivers an interesting mix of experience and potential, and can prove to be an unexpected challenge to any unsuspecting opponent. Interestingly and perhaps cryptically, the team logo (representing a DeathMask) holds a place very close to the team leader and to some of the longer serving members.



A rather unknown player, Ag_V is the latest addition to the Sons of War roster for the UTPL. Despite the current UT being his first taste of the Unreal universe, he manages to compensate for lack of experience with a well-rounded set of weapon skills that should not be underestimated. He is expected to participate in the league as SoW’s duel seed #2, leaving the team modes to other members of roster.



Caronte’s journey with UT  began with Elimination in the winter of 2016 as a player new to the series. Since this time he experienced his first taste of Team Deathmatch (TDM) in the 2018 TDM Nations Cup, where he met Seth Dakam which led to the revival of the previously dormant Sons of War.  He is one of the most promising players of the new generation, possessing strong weapon handling, particularly with hit-scan, and excellent movement which enables him to effectively grab the key TDM power-ups. As a contributor to the community, Caronte has also written many comprehensive guides to UT which can be found on the team’s Discord server.



Like many of his team mates, Memphis began with UT99 before returning for the current incarnation. As a member of Sons of War, he offers enthusiasm and motivation to his team mates who also benefit from his wealth of TDM experience. As a high level communicator, Memphis is adept at developing team tactics, organization, and on-field improvisation. He is known for his high level hit-scan which no doubt stems from a love of DM-Deck. Aside from competing as a player, Memphis has acted as an administrator on ClanBase and ESL (UT99, UT2k4, UT3) and can often be heard co-commentating UTPL Challenger Division matches on the Twitch platform.



Starting with Unreal Tournament 2003 (UT2k3), it wasn’t until UT2k4, that ScrMz really hit the big time as one of the best duellers to ever play the game. Honing and refining his skills, he was approached by and joined professional gaming organisation Dignitas, where he went on to win awards in many tournaments such as ESL EMS LAN, ClanBase EuroCups and others. ScrMz is well known for his extremely aggressive playstyle, coupled with inventive movement that make the most of his favoured weapons, the flak cannon and link gun. Though some may mistake his aggressiveness as brainless attacks, his game style is often identified as a key moment in the evolution of UT2k4’s duel game. It could be argued that in picking up ScrMz, Sons of War have made the most impressive signing of the first UTPL season.



Seth Dakam

As part of the Unreal Universe since the first UT Demo v348, Seth Dakam is one of the longest serving UT players in the UTPL. He is one of the original founders of Sons of War (2001), and looks back at UT2k3 as his peak time as a player, recognised amongst the highest company as a duel and TDM player. Despite restricted playing time and a wrist injury suffered in previous years, Seth Dakam is still able to lead his team, displaying impressive leadership and commitment. Adept in the ways of the shock rifle, Seth is no slouch with the Rocket Launcher or flak cannon, as he displays impressive close combat ability. During games he enjoys a supporting role, enabling his team mates the platform to perform.




Another highly experienced player, special1 began his journey in UT99 at the age of five! Since this time, he has accumulated time in various game modes, beginning with TDM and Capure the Flag (CTF) before expanding into Instagib CTF (iCTF).  I, special1’s competitive outings, include the Unreal-Battles iCTF Nations Cup. Despite playing for a rival team in UT99, special1’s flexibility makes him a valued asset to Sons of War as they head into the UTPL.  His strong aim, befitting of top tier duel and TDM matches, coupled with accurate timing and positioning, often leads to him recognised as top damage dealer on his team and principle danger to any opponent.


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