Masters of War

MastersOfWar [M.o.W] takes its name from an old-school Unreal Tournament 1999 Demo v348 clan which was among the strongest of their time in said Demo, when activity was at peak. Its leader, SAVASERBIA, alongside DeSMO were the remaining ones as of 2009, when they met a returning Seth Dakam (previously known as DeathMask) and merged their clan with what was until then known as [S.o.D] and together created [S.o.W]. All that is left of the MastersOfWar was its current captain, Seth Dakam, until he was asked to forge a second team for UTPL Season 2, and in memory of the old days, as previously [S.o.W] did twice in its lifetime, [M.o.W] rises from its ashes, with a new team specifically built with the intent of competing in the Challenger Division. The team consists of a mix between old-school veterans ( Seth Dakam, GeK- , dragn!) which have been in the action for many years, and returns from the previous season ( webfaster, pOwNx, Fastbreak). Expect the unexpected out of this team.