UTProLeague to host Season 2020 Spring

Following the conclusion of a successful first season, the UTProLeague is proud to announce season 2020 Spring of the premier Unreal Tournament competition. Teams will once again battle it out across two divisions, competing in duel, 2v2 TDM and 4v4 TDM game modes, this time for a total prize-pool of €2000!

Prize-pool distribution

A total prize-pool of €2000 split among:

Epic Division: 1st place €850 | 2nd place €600 | 3rd place €300

Challenger Division: 1st place €150 | 2nd place €100



Duel: Asdf | Deck | Deep | Echo | Erase | Lea | Solo

TDM 2vs2: Antiquus | Cannon | Codex| Deck | Focus | Rankin | SoloNoDoors

TDM 4vs4: Deck | Defiance | Nitro | SidCastle |Spacer | Tempest | Temple



UTPL season 2020 Spring will last 5 weeks (Epic Division) and 9 weeks (Challenger Division), running from 22nd February 2020 until 25th April 2020. Learn more about the schedule here: https://utproleague.com/utpl-season-2-dates-and-matches/


Additional rules and information

Updated rules for season 2020 Spring may be found here: https://utproleague.com/utpl-season-2-format-rules/



Many of the teams from season 2019 Winter are returning and there is still time for you to register, either as a team or as individuals (free agents).

If you would like to express an interest for competing in season 2020 Spring, do not hesitate to join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/Hb2f62q) and let us know about it!

Registration closes 19th February 2020. To check out current teams and rosters, visit: https://utproleague.com/utpl-s2-teams-and-divisions/

Notable sign-ups: ACo, anzu, CrUsH, frag^m, GitzZz, Killing, kiNEX, Lavak3, reav, rePete, s1aY, w)v, znatch.


Stream & Coverage

Watch every Epic Division match of the UTProLeague season 2020 Spring live at https://www.twitch.tv/raiseyouredgegaming or as VOD at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCQqRCfJZkSPIYJLkFcMLTw/videos



Source: http://utproleague.com | https://discord.gg/Hb2f62q | https://twitter.com/UTProLeague |

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCQqRCfJZkSPIYJLkFcMLTw/videos |

http://twitch.tv/raiseyouredgegaming | http://twitter.com/TeamRYE |


Get Unreal Tournament 4 for free at https://epicgames.com/unrealtournament

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